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Sonny’s Transfer Moving & Storage Eliminates the Stress

Much of the stress in any type of move comes from not knowing how well things will turn out. With Sonny’s Transfer Moving & Storage, we offer a wealth of history to help allay any of the stress related to moving. Maybe your move involves heavy or bulky items or furniture? We offer full-service moving, storage, warehousing, and distribution, wherever you need to move items. We handle packing, moving storage, and hauling of residential and commercial goods.

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Trained Employees in Business and Residential Moving

We train our employees to pack, lift, and handle items in safe ways. This protects our employees and your belongings at the same time. Plus, we are fully insured as a moving and storage business to handle and transport and store materials that are important to you.

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We offer you the benefit of our many years in the moving and storage business with some helpful tips on how the professionals go about packing and moving some of the most cherished items in a household or business.

Best Household Moving Tips

  • Hire a professional company – Sonny’s Transfer
  • Organize your belongings
  • Donate unwanted or not needed items to a local charity (Sonny’s can transfer your items, if needed)
  • Label your boxes correctly for each room and items in the box
  • Pack a survival box, medications and personal information
  • Visit your new area, become familiar with traffic flow and meet your new neighbors
  • Update your address, USPS change of address on-line or at the local post office
  • Pack as early as possible